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Nintendo 3DS SuperCard DStwo

What is Supercard DSTWO?

DStwo Supercard 3DSDStwo 3DS cardFor months, the techie world talked about the Supercard DSTWO. It is a flash cart developed by the Supercard team and is the latest addition to the team’s creations. It is quite similar to that of the iPlayer in that both share the same on-board processor. The difference is that DSTWO is fully formatted to play DS ROMs.
DSTWO is promoted by the Supercard team based on its strong points, as the team claims. These strong points refer to the DivX/XviD playback, real-time options, and GBA & SNES emulation. The latter is composed of the game guide mode, free cheat mode, and slow motion. It is up to the user to think if these features really contribute to better gaming. The group was privileged to try the DSTWO in order to help our members out in decisions with reviews that would be made after trying this latest Supercard flash cart. www. Super Card 3DS .com

Nintendo 3DS SuperCard DStwo ~ 3DS R4 Flash Card

3DS SuperCard DStwo is a microSD card adapter for 3DS, DSi and the old DS that adds Virtual Console like SNES , GBA rom, NES, SEGA and MAME rom suppor to the N3DS as well as DivX player and of course it can be used to play regular Nintendo DS backups!

SuperCard has a built in processor that enables it to play Emulators and AVI, MKV etc. video files without any frameskiping or pausing. Other R4 3DS cards are not capable or runing GBA rom emulation and playing DivX video without previously reincoding it on PC. Read more details about the Nintendo SuperCard DStwo 3DS


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